​Our custom design servicesare unrivaled and are the centerpiece of our business.  Please take a moment to learn more about  Chris Biele Custom Design.

​Our on-site jewelry repair services are conducted in clear view.  Watch batteries are done at our sales counter, any more complicated repairs are done by a certified bench jeweler and, more importantly by a member of our family.

From simple solders to stone replacements, all repairs are done on premise and often times can be completed while you wait.

​We also offer a guarantee on our work.  If for any reason our repair should fail due to our workmanship simply bring your piece back and we’ll do what we must to insure your happiness.  And don’t forget to ask about our five year watch battery guarantee!

Need an appraisal for insurance purposes?  Simply bring your piece in and one of our G.I.A. Certified jewelers will prepare an appraisal for you

​Atlantic City Jewelry is an enthusiastic buyer of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.  Regardless of the condition, we are aggressively buying any form of precious metals and/or gemstones.

​We also buy antiques, artwork and unique items of value.  If you believe that have something of value ,we want to see it.  If we agree, you will leave with cash, comfortable in the knowledge that you were paid a terrific price.


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Experience the difference personalized service from a local family owned business can make!