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Atlantic City Jewelry is an enthusiastic buyer of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.  Regardless of the condition, we are actively buying any form of precious metals and/or gemstones.

Jewelry has both actual and sentimental value. No matter why you are choosing to sell your jewelry, Atlantic City Jewelry will always thoroughly value the items you wish to sell.

Each one of your items will be reviewed separately, assessing its value and history. Our jewelry buyers approach a one-carat diamond engagement ring with the same passion and commitment and attention to detail as a collection of exquisite jewels.

In addition to fine jewelry, Atlantic City Jewelry has extensive experience evaluating every kind of timepiece, from the finest contemporary watch makers to unique classis vintage watches. You are always guaranteed an upfront, pleasurable selling experience, with a fair and in depth evaluation and immediate payment.




In addition to jewelry and watches, Atlantic City Jewelry purchases antiques, artwork and unique items of value.  If you believe that have something of value ,we want to see it.  If we agree, you will leave with cash, comfortable in the knowledge that you were paid a terrific price.

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